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Showtime in the Smokies Showtime in the Smokies

There are so many shows and theaters to choose from, that we think you should try do everything.  This three night package includes a show every evening plus a special concert at Skyland Ranch, the Titanic Museum, and shopping in both Gatlinburg and at The Island.

Showtime in the Smokies
Blue Moon of Kentucky Blue Moon of Kentucky

Come on down to Western Kentucky where Bill Monroe’s Blue Moon is Shining. Tour the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and discover an evening of music called Friday After 5:00. Travel down to Muhlenberg Country then up on the hill to Bill Monroe’s Homeplace. You’ll find music on the river, on the porch, in the barn, at a Pri ... READ MORE

Blue Moon of Kentucky
Tennessee Music Pathways Tennessee Music Pathways

American Music beats in the history of Tennessee. It started on the porches of Smoky Mountain farmers and sharecroppers in the Mississippi Delta south of Memphis.  It was first recorded in Bristol, evolved through the decades moving to Studios in both Nashville and Memphis, and from the stages of Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole ... READ MORE

Tennessee Music Pathways
Nashville’s Songwriters & Troubadours Nashville’s Songwriters & Troubadours

The Best! The most exciting, Up-Close, Music Industry Experience you can buy. This tour gives you a personal time with Songwriters. You’ll participate in a Recording Session, see and hear live music shows, and learn about the difficulty of breaking into the Music Business Industry. Plus you’ll see famous sights and more.

Nashville's Songwriters & Troubadours
The Roots of Rock n’ Roll The Roots of Rock n’ Roll

To paraphrase the legendary Muddy Waters, “The Blues got married to The Jazz, and they had themselves a baby they named Rock and Roll.” This trip is a little climb down the family tree as we enjoy the heritage and a little music history from the Mississippi Delta to Graceland.

The Roots of Rock n' Roll